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What to Look for in a New Construction West Sacramento Home


West Sacramento’s real estate industry is booming. There is plenty of new construction in the area making it a terrific time to buy.


But it’s important to be aware of what’s involved when you are buying a new construction home, especially if you’re the first owner, and especially it is a newly developed area. It can be difficult to predict what to expect in terms of issues within the home or the neighborhood. It’s important to research carefully in advance.


This article will give you some pointers so you can be sure your new construction home is right for you.


Research the Builder


You can feel confident that the home you are investing in will serve you well if it was built by a reputable builder.


Make sure the contractor is reliable by looking at their reviews and talking to previous customers to see what their experience was like, and most importantly talk to your agent about the contractor. Check the Better Business Bureau to make sure no one filed a complaint against the company. If they are members of the National Association of Home Builders, it’s a good sign.


Buying Custom vs. Semi-Custom


People who buy new construction have two choices. They can have their home built from scratch or they can buy the builder’s spec home. A spec home can be purchased at any stage of construction from a basically empty lot to completion.


With a custom home, you have the advantage of having it built any way you want. With a spec home you are less involved in the building process which can be a lower maintenance option.


Working with a Lender


When buying a new construction home, you must consider who will be financing the loan. In some cases, you may be able to go with a traditional lender. In other instances, the builder may require you to get a new construction loan.


If they are requiring you to get a new construction loan, it could mean that they are having financial difficulties. If they are okay with you getting a traditional loan, you should find out if they have a preferred lender in mind.


The lender you go with could mean the difference of thousands of dollars so it’s important to make the right choice at this pivotal time in the buying process.


Schedule Inspections


Just because a home is newly built, that doesn’t mean it’s perfect, and with no one having lived in the home before you, inspections are essential.


The builder will conduct inspections throughout the building process, but it’s important that you bring in your own independent inspectors as well. They will see to it that everything is built according to plan and that it’s safe and functional. If unexpected issues arise, you can negotiate on the price, ask for updates to be made or back out of the deal.


West Sacramento is a great city for buying new construction homes, for assistance with this, call Michael D. Rehm at (916) 469-7041.


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